Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Did November GO?

It seems to me definitely like it still should be November, it went by so quickly. I got looking back on my list of customer quilts and realized I did 21 customer jobs in November plus 3 craft shows. Ok, now I know why I have been so tired and also why November zipped by.

This is the total of what I have sewn in the last two weeks.

and no, I didn't make this whole wall hanging. This wall hanging was made in 2000 from a block swap I did with some friends. I would hang the quilt up every year but last year. I used to hang it on one of the hangers that squeezed the quilt between two pieces of wood and no hanging sleeve was needed. I didn't want to put excess nails on the walls in the new house so last year this never got hung up. So my BIG sewing project I accomplished in the last couple of weeks was to make and sew on a hanging sleeve!!! Oh well, it was something.

I did my last craft show saturday and did very well. I am also winding down my customer quilting orders for Christmas so looking forward to taking a nice break real soon.


Mandy found out her first choice college never received her counselor recommendation letter or transcripts so has been trying to get that straightened out at her high school.

She just got a letter in the mail today offering her a $3,500 a year scholarship to Salisbury University. Great job, all her studying so hard is paying off.


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Alycia said...

Oh boy, college... I don't envy you at this moment, but congrats for your daughter!!!