Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Charity Quilt

This is the 4th charity quilt that I have quilted in a little over a week. This one was pieced by Jan, I love the colors. I have one more partially loaded on the frame that I am going to do and then I am going to spend time starting work on next years craft show items. I did wonderful with the shows this year so in inventory of table runners is down to about nothing so will have lots of fun doing those and coming up with 3 or 4 new patterns for next year.

I am enjoying having my daughter home from school and all her activities. Of course it makes it hard to get as much as usual done but thats ok. I better really enjoy it this year. She will be off to college next fall and though she will be home for Christmas I just think it will kind of feel different as she will then be visiting us and not really living with us anymore.

Wow enough of that or I will start to cry. I am definitely going to have a hard time when she leaves home.


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Eileen said...

That is really beautiful. I have a fabulous runner pattern. I have made 3 so far. Maybe I will get a picture of them for my blog. I can share my pattern with you.