Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Hope everyone has all their shopping and wrapping done and will be able to enjoy friends and family. Just the three of us here for Christmas so very quiet but nice.

Here is the second set of runners I made the other day. I like the dark fabric with the neon snowflakes on it. I have a third set in process (different fabrics) and once those are done (for a total of 6) I will stop with this pattern and get started on something new.

Getting a few chores done this morning around the house and intend on spending a little time this afternoon in the sewing room before starting our dinner which will be a family recipe for beef strongoff, yummmmmmmm.


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betty said...

Nice table runner, this one should be a good seller.. Hope your Christmas was a happy one and Santa brought you something you wanted.