Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Frame

I have not had time to quilt any charity quilts in a long time so yesterday I got this little batik quilt on the frame and got it quilted up and off to Jane for binding.

I LOVE these colors or batiks.

Do you decorate with quilts for Christmas. I have a few sprinkled around the house. The crazy quilt on the sofa I made many years (pre-long arm) ago. The quilting is lousy but I love the quilt. Table runner I made last year and little wall hanging I won last year at quilt guild.

The only problem with so many decorations is when I take them down in January the house looks so bare.

I did get my last customer job done yesterday afternoon so today I am going to start tackling some of the things around that house that have slipped through the crack, finish wrapping packages and sit and sew SOMETHING. No clue on what yet, guess I will have to see what speaks to me when I head to the sewing room later.


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kwiltnkats said...

I'm with you on the house being bare once the holiday decorations are put away. They have a tendancy to cluter and warm up all the nooks and cranies...all in a good way :)!