Monday, December 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday - December 26, 2011

Anyone that has read my blog this last week will probably be pretty bored with this picture as it is a picture of the 3rd and last set of these runners (for a total of 6) that I have made in the last week. Figured I would get all I wanted to make done at the same time before I forgot what measurements I used.

Also on the design wall are some 4 patch blocks, can you guess what I am going to make with these?

I have a couple of questions if anyone can help me out. 1) is that I have been tempted to try that iron on tape that you use to join pieces of batting together. If you have tried it please let me know how you like it and also what it is called as I don't remember the name to do a search on it.

2) second has anyone used flannel sheets as a backing for a quilt? We recently got a new bed and we no long have a full sized bed in the house but have a couple sets of flannel sheets that have hardly been used. I know I have been told not to use regular sheets as the thread count is so different and hard to quilt but has anyone tried it with the flannel sheets?

Thanks for any inputs you can give me on either subject.



Denise :) said...

Your table runners look nice -- won't it be nice to have them all finished?! I'll be interested in hearing the answers to your questions...especially about using flannel sheets as backing fabric! :)

Ruthie said...

I haven't used the tape because I think it's rather pricey. Essentially, it is lightweight fusible interfacing, cut into strips. There's no reason you couldn't cut your own, especailly when Joanns has it 50% off.

I have used flannel sheets for backing with no problems at all. I've even used a regular sheet, but told my customer that it should be washed befor she brought it to me. No troubles there either.

Gari said...

I have used flannel sheets, prewashed, both for backing and batting and it has worked very well.

I made 6 table runners for Christmas gifts. I was really happy when that project was over.