Thursday, July 28, 2011

Senior Pictures

Well I can cross another item off of our summer "to do" list. Senior pictures were taken last night. Weather cooperated, it was warm but not to hot and the right light for outdoor pictures. I can't wait to see them. Some were taken by an old weathered barn, others by trees and greenery and the ones I think will be my favorites were taken on a dock on the water.

Guess the next biggie will be college applications. At least one of the universities we visited applications go live next week. I am sure I will be "encouraging" Mandy to make an early start on those since there are so many things you have to request (transcripts, letters of recommendations etc.) in addition to the applications, essays and other information.

Accomplished very little in the sewing room yesterday. I got one block cut out for my sampler quilt and the next customer quilt partially loaded on the frame but thats it. Hope to get more accomplished today.



Eileen said...

I bet her pictures will be lovely as she is such a beautiful girl.

betty said...

Sure do take different photos for year books and graduation. Outside, should really be nice. So different. They will all be great, you will have a hard time to pick from the group.