Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Every time I go to the grocery store it seems like prices are up and of course we all know what the prices have been like at the gas pumps. I make adjustments that I can like combining errands and basically just driving less and also clipping coupons and buying multiples of things we use a lot if I see a good sale.

Of course since quilting is my hobby plus I made things for craft shows to sell the prices of fabric going up and up is really getting to me. I went to JoAnns yesterday. Remember when you could find $3.99 and $4.99 fabrics? Those would be the ones I would buy when I needed yardage for backings especially.

Everything is now $5.99 and up with a couple of rare bolts at the $4.99 level.

I guess as the prices continue to raise I am going to have to raise my craft show prices but that will eventually get to the point where people won't want to pay what I need to charge.

Sure hope this is the last jump in cotton for awhile!!


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betty said...

You are so correct. The prices have to stop somewhere. We will all be stranded in our homes. Everything is going up.