Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quilty for a Change

Nice to have something quilty to blog about for a change and not just health issues.

I actually have finished a couple of things this week while vegging on the sofa I completed the bindings on this second pink baby quilt

and also the binding on this holly tumbler quilt

and this morning I was able to go downstairs and take the baby duck quilt off the frame that I had quilted on sunday

I try not to spend hours on the computer reading blogs but there are a few that I try and read on a daily basis or at least every few days. One that I especially like is Alycia's blog out in Colorado she does so much QOV charity work. Today my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family after a the terrible loss of her cousin and three nieces in a freak flash flood earlier this week. I think every one of us tends to take our families for granted so if you are lucky to have yours around give them an extra hug today.



Alycia said...

Love those quilts Kathie - that top one is really really cute, Thank you for the hugs - I appreciate them.

Michelle said...

I really like that duck quilt!