Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Finish

I quilted this quilt a few weeks ago but had not got around to finishing the binding. I took it to quilt guild with me yesterday and sat under it nice and warm and stitched the binding down while a lot of the other ladies were working on large one block quilts. I am going to make the one block pattern eventually, just didn't want to start another project this time of year.

For this snowman quilt I used a pattern off of Quilters Cache called Squares in Squares 2, love the pattern. It is quick and easy and always turns out looking nice.

Back to the doctor today, my eye isn't improving. I sure hope he doesn't have to send me to a specialist but am ready for it to feel and look better. Between sinus/cold problems and now the eye thing I have been going on about half speed for the last couple of weeks. I am definitely ready to feel back to 100%.


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