Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tesselation Quilting

I was asked how I quilted the Christmas quilt. I guess even when you click on the picture it is hard to see the quilting.

I quilted it with what I call a half swirl, pretty much like the swirl in the border print. I used a gold color So Fine thread by Superior. I use that thread a lot on Christmas fabrics and have used it on other quilts where there is a lot of really light fabrics and a lot of dark fabric. Those you never know what color thread to use. The gold shows up on both but blends in more than a really dark thread or something to light.

I quilted a pretty butterfly quilt yesterday and did take pictures. Since it is not my quilt I have asked the lady that made it for permission to put it on my blog. She fussy cut large butterflies out of a printed fabric making sure they had all sorts of different angles on the cuts. She then put strips of fabric of various widths around and around kind of like making a log cabin block.

I think this is a great way to use up strings. I can picture it done with large flower prints in the middle, maybe flags for a patriotic quilt, animals for a baby quilt or other bright kid prints. I guess like Alex Anderson used to say all the time on her Simply Quilts TV show, the possibilities are endless.

Now so this post has a picture attached to it, my daughter when to a huge party saturday night. It is basically the hispanic version of a Sweet 16 party but it is held on a 15th birthday. This is my daughter Mandy ready to go to Jasmine's party. She has become quite a bargin shopper. This was a $50 dress on sale for $24.99 and then I had a coupon for $10 off. So she was able to get all decked out in a brand new dress for $16 and change.


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