Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hospice #19

I finished the binding on the Pink Coins quilt yesterday so this makes 19 quilts ready for the opening of our Hospice House next month.

The quilt top was provided by the online group Heartstrings, pieced by Sue F., quilted and bound by myself.

It is such a sweet looking quilt, I am sure that someone will really love it.

Mandy's dance performances are all over with, I fully enjoyed them but glad all the running back and forth to the studio and rehearsals is over. This might be her last year of dance, I am not sure yet. She has been dancing for 10 years so in one way I would hate to see her quit as it is the best exercise and the girls she dances with are all great students and just a wonderful group of girls to hang with.

At times she is thinking that as a rising Sophmore it is time to try something else and then at other times she would totally miss all her dance buddies. Will be interesting to see what she decides. Dance registration isn't until August so she has a little time to decide.

Kathie L.
(on a sunny (for a change) morning in Maryland)

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