Monday, June 16, 2014

Design Wall Monday - June 16, 2014

What is currently on my design wall isn't even my project.

At my one quilt guild they always do a block of the month.  I always take the pattern and lots of times make them later but rarely to enter for the block drawing as usually I just don't get to it in time.  My DH saw the latest pattern, thought it was cute and decided to try it.   After some complaining about all the pieces being different sizes and a couple of sessions with the seam ripper he made one block.

He said he definitely wasn't going to make any more so told me to toss it in the drawing and it would then be someone elses problem.  As luck would have it I won the drawing of 13 blocks.

He was very surprised when I brought them all home.  I told him if he didn't want them I would make them into a quilt eventually but he decided to go ahead and add some fabrics that we already had and make them into a kids quilt.

So this is what he is doing with the blocks and what it currently on my design wall, I think it is pretty cute.  Of course it will now be up to me to quilt and bind it but thats ok.

My goals for the week are:

Quilt 2 table runners
Quilt customer wall hanging
and then get all my projects and supplies ready for a quilt retreat I will be leaving for Sunday night!!


Ramona said...

How cool is it that your husband quilts, too!! I am not an animal person, but these blocks are really cute. They look great in the design he has created. Nice!

Quilter Kathy said...

These blocks are adorable!

Terri said...

You have a quilting hubby? How does that work out... we fight for time on the computer, I think we'd be fighting for time on the sewing machine, as well. Luckily, he is not interested.
Cute pattern - funny how life throws a curve ball. Thanks for sharing the story.

Judy in Michigan said...

How fun! Is this pattern available for us?? How cute for a child who loves dogs (or anyone for that matter!)

Gari in AL said...

Your husband did a great job of designing the quilt.

Anonymous said...

Adorable, how funny, so many times I do the block lottery at my quilt group and hope, please don't let me win this.... so far I haven't!! However, this is really cute and the connecting squares are wonderful!!1

Betty said...

What a cute story. I think the block is a keeper, and it would make any child (or adult) a treasure. Tell DH that it looks great.