Monday, June 9, 2014

Design Wall Monday and Sunday Stash Report (aka Temporary Insanity)

First off I have nothing on my design wall, plenty of projects being designed in my head but nothing that I am working on that I have taken a picture of.   I am hoping to change that this week with lots of time to quilt and sew.

This was a week of GREAT stash enhancement.  We went to Lancaster County, PA to spend the weekend.  When you have probably a dozen fabric and quilt shops in a 30 minute driving distance in any direction from our hotel you can't not buy, right?

I did go with a mission of purchasing Christmas fabrics, especially different reds to add to my choices when making craft show items.  Then of course had to add some greens that look like Christmas trees, some neutrals and oh yes a touch of fall.

Then I went into a shop that had one shelf of batiks for $6.00 a yard and a few of those had to follow me home.

When I laid it all out at the hotel I couldn't believe how many yards I had purchased.  My DH purchased a heavy duty hand dolly at Harbor Freight while we were there and he kept teasing me it was because it would take that to unload the car.

The most interesting shop we stopped at was out on an Amish farm.  They had mostly quilts for sale but also had one room in the back of fabric.  No electricity so the lady lite this tall pole gas lamp.  Created a lot of light but not the best for matching colors.  Luckily the two pieces I bought there (one nautical and one a go with) did really match when I got them out in natural light.

The other interesting place a lady was sitting and sewing and my husband thought it was electric but he said it sounded different.  He went and talked to her and the machine was run by I think he said compressed air.

So I did terrible or great this week on buying fabric depending on which way you look at it.  It really altered my stats thats for sure:

Fabric used this week:  7 1/4 (a couple of runners and some give away fabric)
Fabric purchased this week:  41 yards (no, I can't believe it either!!!)

Fabric used YTD:  157.5
Fabric purchased YTD:  99.5

Net fabric used in 2014:  58 yards (still well in the black but nothing how it used to look).

I have a multi-day retreat coming up later in the month so hope that will help my numbers.

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Kate said...

Some times you just have to add a bit to the stash. Sounds like you have plans for most of it, so hopefully it will get you headed back in the outgoing direction.