Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mid Week Update

I am doing good on my weekly goals, helps when you don't set very

Here is the second customer quilt that I quilted this week.

I also got the binding on my kitty quilt the other day so my friend Jane is now going to hand stitch it down for me. I have not done #3 yet which is making the backing for my challenge quilt but it is washed at least.

The little bit of actual sewing time I had yesterday I spent putting the outer border on this little chick baby quilt. Love these little panels and don't know why it has taken so many years to make some of them up.

Today Jane and I are going layer cake shopping. I am hoping to find a great one and not do to much other damage to my stash report but my willpower doesn't seem that great this morning.

Oh speaking of willpower, its hard but I have now lost 5 1/2 pounds. I have a long way to go as I let myself get the heaviest I have ever been but at least it is a start. Can't see any difference yet, that will probably take about 10 pounds but my jeans are slightly less tight so thats something.



kwiltnkats said...

The chicken panel is really cute. Good that you are getting your weekly goals accomplished. FANTASTIC on your weight is a never ending struggle...good for you that you're working at it. Sandi

Eileen said...

That customer quilts is beautiful. Losing weight is soooooo hard after a certain age. You CAN do it.