Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mid Week Update - March 7, 2012

My midweek update of goals looks very good...

1. Quilt one of MY projects (probably kitty quilt) - quilted monday, here it is draped on the frame

2. Quilt customer quilt and two customer runners (Two runners done, customer quilt still needs to be quilted)
3. Cut batting to go with four charity quilts that people have volunteered to quilt for me and........(batting all cut and in bags with quilts and batting to take to next monday nights guild meeting)
4. Finish up the last three kits I am making up for next months fiber arts conference - (accomplished this yesterday while waiting for a delivery of our new treadmill.

Now to make sure the treadmill gets use and doesn't end up as a coat rack!!! Mandy can go to town on it, I am starting out with a slow 15 minute only workout for the first few days. Hopefully between that and eating much healthier I can finally get some weight off. Four off so far, but a LONG way to go.



betty said...

I am with you about using the tread mill as a coat rack. I alwso have to get busy and do some walking. UGH! I thought the meeting went very well (long) be chatting with you soon.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I like the Kitty Quilt--what pattern is it??

I have a friend whose husband uses his weight bench for a coat rack......