Thursday, March 1, 2012

College is Stressful

College is stressful and I am NOT EVEN THE ONE GOING!!! Once you are accepted I can't believe how many individual things you need to take care of!!

Acceptance submitted, housing request form and reservation for open house have all been accomplished. Ok, three things off the list anyway.

Now need to try and get an orientation (2 day) set up. Challenge is that there are specific 2 days sessions (in June and July) for certain majors and then the scholors program within the majors and then trying to schedule one of those limited times around my husbands extensive travel schedule..... and somehow it is left to me to figure it all out!!!

Ok open house next, hopefully that will answer a lot of my questions. This WILL ALL GET DONE. I think I better stock up on extra hair color, think any of my hair that isn't already gray will be so before fall.


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Quilting from Robin's Nest said...

Whew! My kids are a little older, so I think I did not have as many parts to deal with when they went to school. Since we lived in DC and they went to school in Iowa, maybe that is the other reason I did not experience the craziness. My main function was to be 1/2 of the Bank of Mom and Dad. lol