Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Our community has reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving season. The Girl's basketball team from the school my daughter goes to was involved in an accident with a drunk driver last night. I was so surprised to get up, grab a cup of coffee this morning and turn on Fox news to see a story from our little community on national news. Three of my daughters good friends are part of the team and were on the bus last night coming home from a game in Virginia. Don't know their individual conditions but was happy to see on the news that no serious injuries were involved and that all the kids had been released from the hospital.

Must have been a super scary night for their families and I am so grateful that it all had a good outcome.


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betty said...

My son and I were at the hospital when the bus was hit. We heard that there were no serious injuries, what a blessing. Sandra had a spike in her blood pressure and had to take her to the hospital. all is great now......