Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No slow down

Seems like forever since I have blogged or had the time to read others blogs but it has actually only been a week. I have had two craft shows and multiple customer quilts to do in the last week. I am loving having all the work to do but it leaves no time or energy for anything else.

Missed out on the sunday stash report (have been buying sale Christmas fabrics) and design wall monday (didn't have anything on there anyway). Hoping that I will get back to posting more after Thanksgiving but realistically it might be more like the middle of December.

I decided I am taking two weeks off at Christmas. No customer quilts at all during that time. I want to clean the sewing room, do things around the house that have not been getting done and maybe even read a book or two and do some relaxing. After of course, all the Christmas shopping gets done.


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