Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nothing Much of Interest

I have been busy with lot of things, just nothing interesting enough to post pictures of in the last few days.

I did a customer quilt and then worked on some of my craft show table runners, getting 4 quilted up and bindings on by machine. Since these were all similar to runners I had already posted about I didn't take any more pictures.

This is what I have been doing the last couple of days........cutting fabrics.

The pile on the right is 10 1/2 squares for making backings. I finished one Christmas backing this morning and hope I have enough squares here to make the second back.

On the left is the start of my 2 inch strips for the Bonnie Hunter workshop I will be taking in a few weeks. I love these inexpensive cake carriers (from walmart) for carrying strips and notions to workshops.

Other than that have been busy helping Mandy with her college application process. My part is providing my credit card, proofing essays and reminding her to request letters of recommendation etc. It still all takes time and I think I am more nervous about the whole process than she is. One application has to be in by November 1st and the others by December 1st. I will be glad when everything is submitted, then it will be her turn to be nervous as she definitely has a preference of where she wants to go.

Sandy asked about my UFO of the month. Well the September one I finished awhile ago which is a good thing, still have not finished the August one!!




kwiltnkats said...

What workshop are you taking with Bonnie? I have the same idea using Christmas Fabrics for a future Bonnie pattern. Not long Quiltmaker sent me a tower of Christmas Fabrics...seemed like a Bonnie pattern would be perfect. I like that the 10.5 squares backs idea is contageous! Way to go on your UFO wish I could say the same. Sunday is date day for a Pansy and a Phaff! Sandi
p.s. pictures are eye candy even if it seems too much the same.

Eileen said...

I will have to look for those cake carries. Never heard of them.