Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday - September 5, 2011

I did manage to use some fabric and get a few things done or to the next stage this last week even with power outages and hurricanes. We did great with no damage and feel SO VERY lucky.

This first picture is what is currently on my design wall. Nothing exciting, this is just a backing pieced out of 10 1/2 squares for the back of my August UFO. No I didn't get it done but now the top is ready and also the backing so hope to get it quilted this month at least.

This next picture is what I was working on a few days ago and makes a much more interesting design wall. At my guild we are having a hidden 9-patch workshop on thursday and we had to make 20 9-patch blocks. Size was our choice, the only requirement was that the center square had to be the same color in all 20 blocks.

I decided I was going to buy NOTHING for this workshop so cut 5 inch strips (just because it was the width of the ruler I was using) out of bunch of my Christmas fabrics. Here are some of the blocks I made, will be interesting to see what this turns out to look like when done.

I was also going to start making my weekly goals again. Since today is a holiday, wednesday is my guild meeting and thursday the workshop I guess I better keep goals simple for this week. So.........

1. Quilt turtle customer quilt
2. Quilt horse craft show quilt
3. Hand stitch binding on patriotic quilt
4. At least load next customer quilt

Think that is enough to count on for this week.



Denise :) said...

Kathie, I love your scrappy Christmas 9-square blocks! Very festive! I'm so glad you didn't experience any damage due to last weekend's storm. My family is all out on the East Coast and experienced it at some level or another. The last one of my sisters who was powerless finally got power back on Saturday. Yikes! Have a GREAT week! :)

betty said...

nice scrappy Christmas blocks, I too am anixous to see the results, I have mine all done as well.

LuAnn said...

I love your Christmas blocks; can't wait to see what the finished quilt looks like.

Bonnie said...

Kathie have you tried Red Snappers to load quits? The loading goes incredibly fast compared to pinning. The only drawback is you definitely need the extra fabric so it can be held by the grippers. There is another co. that sells grippers but I can't think of the name of it. It will save you a lot of time when loading quilts. Please share what you do with you 9 patches -- sounds fun.

Kate said...

Like your 9 patch blocks. Looking forward to seeing what you make from them.