Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shes Growing Up

You wonder if your teenagers will ever mature and "grow up" and then they surprise you. Don't get me wrong I have a very good kid and she is a great student but typical teenager usually only thinks past the next day or two.

Mandy is going to be a Sophmore in high school the end of next month. She has surprised me the last couple of weeks. She has been researching colleges and majors though it will be three more years before she is off to college. In addtion today she is starting a life saving/CPR/Life Guard training at a near by pool. She says if she passes and gets certified she could get a job next summer after she turns 16 as a Life Guard.

Now "working" has been the farthest thing from her mind ever so this is very surprising. I don't know if she has the upper body strength to do CPR or if she is a strong enough swimmer to pass all the tests but I am so proud that she wants to try and sure wish her a lot of luck.

On a sewing note I did get the large customer quilt done and a hospice quilt also quilted. I am going to suspend the rest of my weekly "to do" list for awhile as I received several customer quilts in the last couple of days and those will come before anymore of my projects.


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