Monday, July 27, 2009

Good and Bad of Vacation

Well I seem to have recooperated from all the after vacation chores and should be back in my normal routine today.

All vacations have things you like and didn't like. The not so good list includes:

1. Was not thrilled with any of the restaurants we visited in Emerald Isle, all seemed just adequate.
2. Pretty much struck out on visiting quilt shops. Tried to visit two in Morehead City on monday and they were both closed mondays. Went by several fabric stores in New Bern and only one of them was an actual quilt shop and it was mostly sewing machines and very little fabric. We also visited Jacksonville and tried to check out two quilt shops there. One was closed until the afternoon and the other was out of business. I was disappointed but I did save money that way.
3. Noisy neighboors a couple of nights.

My favorite things were:

1. Sitting on the balcony each morning with my husband drinking coffee and watching the sunrise.

2. Having a nice sized condo to stay in. Plenty of room for the four of us so we were not tripping over each other.

3. Not cooking............... we ate breakfast and lunch at the condo and then ate out every night.

4. Having a chance to visit with Angie (my step daughter from my first marriage) twice. She lives in North Carolina with her family about an hour from where we were staying. I also finally got to meet her son Jake who is four and he now knows who grandma Kathie is.

I managed to get a very small project linus quilted yesterday as a way to ease my way back into quilting. This morning I need to get a customer quilt loaded and get back to work.


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