Monday, September 22, 2014

Design Wall Monday - September 21, 2014 (Workshop Quilt #2)

I spent a lot of last week working on customer quilts (mostly table runners and small quilts) and am finally caught up so this week I am going to devote to working exclusively on craft show items since my first show will be coming up in two months (23rd of November).

This is currently what is on my design wall.  This is quilt #2 for the workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago (Bamboo and pinwheels) where you make two totally different quilts at the same time with very easy piecing and cutting.

I want to lay out the 7 vertical rows of this quilt to make sure no like colors are touching even though there will be a small sashing between rows.  Once that is done I will number them and take them down and will then be easy to sew them together.

I am also working on sewing various cream strips together that will be the base for some table runners I am making so those will be my two piecing projects for the week.

I did spend some time locating and trimming fabric to make backings for about 6 table runners so hope to get a few more of them quilted this week also.  

Only one appointment this week (so far) so if I can limit my errands etc. I should have lots of time in the sewing room this week.


Quilter Kathy said...

WHat a fun idea to make two quilts at once! They don't look at all the same!

Betty said...

Good job on the Bamboo and pinwheels. I am sorry that I had to miss that class. Looks like you are really busy with your craft items. You do such an awesome job on your runners.