Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - January 19, 2014

Well this week brought a relapse of my bronchitis so I didn't get that much sewing in.  I did get a little strippy quilt top I had cut out sewn together but thats about it.

Here is a close up of the zebra, I think it is cute and fun and would make a great baby quilt for either a boy or a girl.  

I also got a group quilt for a sick friend quilted this week and a couple of customer table runners so the week wasn't a total loss.  

My current stats are:

Fabric used this week:  2.5 yards (strippy quilt top)
Fabric purchased this week:  0

Fabric used YTD:  12 yards
Fabric purchased YTD:  0 yards



Libby Smith said...

Precious zebras! The long shot of your quilt looks like coloring book scribbles, also appropriate for a child.

Dee Dee said...

Mollie's Quick Strippie quilts are so easy and fun to make. A great go to quilt for a last minute gift. The zebra stripe fabric is perfect! Thanks for sharing.