Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3D Quilting

I made this 3D runner several months ago but it has been sitting on my shelf mainly because I didn't know how to quilt it. The middle of each pinwheel is very think from all the folded layers of fabric. Also you don't want to quilt down the pinwheel so what and how to do it.

I ended up tacking down the middle of each pinwheel by stitching down the center of each block. My machine didn't like it so I had to use the one stitch button and VERY slowly doing the tacking.

I then quilted the rest of the runner with half swirls I call them lifting up each part of the pinwheel as I quilted. I tried to pin them back to go a little faster but that didn't work to well.

The good news is the top turned out good. The bad news is that I have some major tucks in the back. With the pinwheels just being tacked down and then the quilting all around it created major fullness in the back and caused the tucks.

When I tacked the pinwheels down I only stitched down one seam. I wonder if I had done both seams if the back would be any better.


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