Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scrap Quilting

A lot of the ladies I know have been making scrap quilts lately. Not only are they interesting with maybe 100's of different fabrics in them but save money in a little tighter financial times to use what you already have. Of course I am sure that the local quilt shops hate this trend but I don't know anyone that has totally quit visiting their local fabric stores, just cutting down on purchases and considering their choices more.

This picture is a quilt by Carol, my most recent quilting finish. If there was a “scrap queen” title at our guild I am sure she would have it. Pieces I would toss in the trash as just to much trouble to save she incorporates into quilts. She calls these a “Use it All” quilt, I call it the quilt of a thousand seams!!! Makes for kind of noisy quilting constantly hitting seams but my machine handles them no problem.


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