Thursday, May 10, 2012

Again it has been a long time since I have posted. I miss spending some time every morning checking on my favorite blogs and seeing what all my internet buddies have been up to. I am hoping when I get into more of a routine I can take the time to do so.

  After three years of working at home doing machine quilting at whatever time I wanted to it is a hard adjustment going into work every day again even if it is a fun quilt shop.

We had several glitches in getting things up and running including it taking two full days to get the credit card machine to function properly. Was days before we had on line access to review banking information and had a lady out half of last friday getting our payroll systems set up. I need to run my first payroll tomorrow so sure hope we don't have any more problems in that area.

We did some minor rearranging of things in the shop and also moved most of the stock around to make it look different. The previous owner had let the stock go way down so that is the first order of business to build the stock back up again. I started off with about 25 new bolts when I took over the shop and in the just about two weeks we have owned it we have got in about 30 more bolts, 12 of it just yesterday. It is fun to see things I have ordered come in. I did get one bolt of orange yesterday that I sure can't remember WHY I ordered it!! I must have thought it would go with something else we have there.

My hand is healing nicely. Won't be able to cut fabric for people for awhile but I can run the register and do lots of other things around there. How everyone is enjoying spring weather and getting lots done in their sewing rooms.


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kwiltnkats said...

Sounds like you are one busy gal. Lot's to figure out when there is a new start no matter what the start. Glad to hear that your hand continues to improve. Do you have room in the shop to move the long arm in? Lot's of shops in my area have done so. What's wrong with ORANGE? Put it next to a blue or a purple any day :)! Sandi