Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend away from work and chores (not likely) and also remembered all the service members.  One of my favorite memorial day weekends was when we went to see the World War II Memorial.  My dad didn't live to see it finished so felt like I was seeing it for him. 

I have been doing some sewing this weekend, but nothing worth showing at this point.  I pieced a backing for my daughters dorm quilt and worked on some hidden 9-patch blocks that I started well before my hand surgery.   Hand is doing much better.  Part of my thumb is still numb and my hand is weak but I actually cut fabric for some customers on saturday.  I still couldn't do it all day but good that I can start doing some of it. 

Since I have no pictures of my own wanted to show a couple pictures of class samples that will be taught in the shop starting in July. 

I was scheduled to take a workshop on this spicy spiral table runner when my hand got real bad so if I think I can do all the cutting I might just take this class myself. 

The other one I think is extra cool is a woven purse.  It was made mostly out of the bright stonehenge fabrics that I love. 

My only problem is my purse is usually huge and don't know if I could carry something this size or not. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  It is 90 here today, I am looking forward to a little cooler weather. 


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