Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stash Report and Quilt Shop News

I have not been on blogger in so long that they changed everything on me and I can say I DON'T LIKE THE NEW FORMAT!!!

 Don't remember the last time I posted I have been so busy. First we were in the midst of purchasing the quilt shop then on wednesday I had surgery on my right hand. My thumb is still partially numb so a little difficult to type at this point but better than yesterday. Finally got the business license and a few other bugs worked out about the quilt shop and went to settlement on friday. The hubby and I were out to the shop both friday and saturday rearranging and taking all the stock and supplies we had been storing in our living room. Guess I must say with my hand bandaged I was mostly supervising and he was doing all the work.

 Then last night was Senior Prom. Can't believe she will be 18 next week and graduate in a little over a month!!! I think Mandy and her date looked wonderful.
On a personal quilting note, I have done nothing in the last couple of weeks as both my hand and time didn't allow it. I hope to finish up my batik quilt top as soon as I am able so at least I can claim that yardage. Stats remain the same.
 Fabric used YTD: 54 yards
 Fabric purchased YTD: 28 yards
Net fabric used in 2012: 26 yards



krisgray said...

Congrats on your shop!! Hope your hand heals soon so you can tackle all your projects unencumbered. Lovely prom pix!

betty said...

Kathie, Mandy looks lovely. Wishing you the best on your thumb, it is all over with, lol, no my thumbs. Can't wait to see your new store, I know you will do well. Congrats......

betty said...

silly me, no more thumbs lol

Kate said...

Congrats on the shop! Hope your hand heals quickly so you can get to all the stuff you need and want to do.

Lovely prom pictures, she's lovely. They grow up so fast.

Dee Dee said...

So many little things that need to be done when your are in business for yourself, and they take so much time.
Beautiful daughter!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Lori said...

Your daughter is lovely! Yes, its hard to believe they grow that fast. Wasn't kindergarten and show and tell last week?

Glad your hand will be mending. And yes, I can believe all the paperwork for a quilt shop.

kwiltnkats said...

All positive news! I'm happy that your suregery went well and the shop start up is moving in the right direction again. I'll bet your are pleased to have your living room back (wink)! Mandy and her date look ready to have a wonderful evening. Beautiful dress made more so by your lovely daughter. Sandi