Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Quilt Shop Update

First off, no Sandy my thrill meter was not high..... think it was stuck on frustration for awhile.
We were shocked at all the things required by the town, state, and federal governments: Federal Employer ID Number, Workmen's Comp, federal and state unemployment insurance, sales tax number, trader's license, occupancy permit, even a
sign permit to allow us to display a couple of small signs that are already

Then there's liability insurance, attorney's fees, and lease. Bank account, post office box, credit card processor, website, phone service, Internet, and so many other things necessary to running a shop. Because my husband still works full time (hopefully a year or so from retirement) I have been taking care of the vast majority of the details and it has really stressed me out.

The bright spot so far has been meeting with fabric reps and ordering lots of nice fabrics, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Deliveries are spaced out over the next
five months but the first shipments have begun arriving and are piling up
in our living room waiting until the day we take over the business and
can re-stock the shelves.

I am making progress finally with receiving my Maryland Sales Tax ID number that is required to do so many of the items on my "to do" list and also insurance has been quoted, paid for and a binder in place.

Maybe I can de-stress a little this weekend and get some sewing done and also get all my things ready for our fiber arts retreat in a little over a week. I have everything prepared for my class, I just need to gather supplies and stage them all in one area.



Eileen said...

Wow----so many steps. I will be eager to visit after you take over. Saving my $$ for then.

betty said...

vingues amentur
irril jomao
It was great visiting your new store. Looks like you will really have the stock. Good luck friend/