Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Stash Report 06 27 2010

I'm back!

All moved in and the sewing room set up enough that I can sew anyway. I only made two large 9 patch blocks this week but at least I was able to sew something and use up a slight amount of stash.

Fabric used this week: 1/4 yard
Fabric used YTD: 130.75
Fabric purchased this week: 0
Fabric purchased YTD: 78.75

Net Fabric Used YTD: 52 yards

Thought I would toss in a few pictures of my sewing room, don't you LOVE the color, yuck. That is going to have to change but it is way down on the priority list. The thread racks went up yesterday but still need to get the peg board on the wall and finish putting things away but at least it is finally usable.

I also put a charity quilt on the frame yesterday to check out and make sure the longarm was in working order after the move. It was so great to be quilting again!!!



felicity said...

Oh, crazy wall colour or not, that is a wonderfully LARGE quilting space! Consider me envious!

Diana said...

I LIKE the bright bold color myself. Maybe a bit more light in there would make it better for you. Nice space to work with though!

Helen in the UK said...

Looks like you have a great new space to quilt it - enjoy :)

debbie said...

Nice space Kathie! Lucky you. Had to laugh, that's the colors my niece just painted her kitchen and I like her kitchen. But I agree it's not what I would choose for a sewing room. My sewing room is white and I like it that way. No colors to reflect or interact with what's going on sewing wise.

Lori said...

getting to sew sure makes it feel more like home! The red walls give it a warm feeling. Well, of course it's been in the high 90's here....

Eileen said...

looks great so far. I can come help you in you want.

kwiltnkats said...

Must have been a Redskin fanatic... The colors are definitely those of the--are they Deadskins during off season--or Redskins until they claim a win or loss? The space you'll have to work in is great. It was nice to meet you recently while visiting my Mom. Still thinking of creating a Stash Report like yours.