Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well we are moved in the new house. What a lot of work and it sure doesn't help that we are having weather in the 90's and humid, saps what energy have.

I did a little work in the sewing room last night getting my Janome in the cabinet and hooked up and one box of fabric (one of many) unloaded onto shelves.

I can't do much more down there until the long arm frame gets put together and then the other cabinets can be placed and I can continue unpacking. Frustrating not being able to sew but have been to tired to anyway and it will have to take low priority for awhile as the rest of the house is put together.

I will try and take pictures of various rooms as they are finished.


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Quilting: My Way said...

Obviously you are not a military spouse. In our house if it is not unpacked and put in place within the first two weeks, the boxes are not opened during the whole stay. lol