Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stash Busting Vs. Collecting

I belong to the on line Stashbusters group that encourages people to use up their fabric stash instead of buying additional fabrics. I have never joined the “no buy” group but have been trying to use up some of what I already have. I have been semi successful and have used up several groupings of fabric I had purchased and never did anything with. I have also been trying to use left over binding strips etc. laying around in scrap projects.

That being said I have also purchased a fair amount of fabric in the last year. I have slowed down on purchases and have been using some of the OLDER fabrics up so I don't feel to bad about the newer purchases. There are also some times when a new trend, idea or whatever hits and you just HAVE to collect fabric for it.

I have seen several quilts lately in black and white with touches of red. I love how graphic is looks and decided that I just had to make one. I still don't know what pattern I am going to use but have a couple of ideas that use FQs. I have started collecting ½ yard pieces so I could make multiple blocks in one fabric and this is what I have collected so far.

Now I have to make sure I really make this quilt and it doesn't just become another Project in a Grocery Sack (PIGS).



Lori in South Dakota said...

I could never do the "no buy" but have been "shopping the stash" for quite a while now. And, in checking my reports, I am 73 yards less than I was in January. I'm OK with that, I pulled out all my fossil ferns and used them, what was I SAVING them for??!! Good luck on "buying less but using more"! And I adore black/white quilts, especially with red in them. But, I can't start one YET!

Mary said...

Funny, I almost always make quilts from fabric I have on hand but I still add things to the stash now and then. I've got fabric pulled for a black/white and green quilt if I can just find time to finish up a couple other piecing projects first.