Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - February 16, 2014

With my stash this week I made 3 table runners and got two of them quilted

I finished the baby double sliced layer cake quilt top and started on another baby quilt.    I did break my record of having zero in the number of yards purchased this year though.   I needed two yards of a white on white and got that from my mini shop (left from closing our Quilt Shop in December).  I am still happy with my numbers though I know that I am going to have to "go shopping" for a couple of backings soon.  

Here are my current stats:

Fabric used this week:  6.75 
Fabric purchased this week:  2

Fabric used YTD:  38.75
Fabric purchased YTD:  2 yards


Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

Cute table runner! Good job on your stash numbers too!

Dee Dee said...

Your table runner is so fun. I also like the panel you are using to make a baby quilt. Thansk for sharing.

Scooquilt said...

Excellent numbers! You're doing well to get this far into the year without a purchase. Pretty table runner!

Dar said...

Pretty tablerunner. Your ussed numbers are great so far this year.

Kate said...

Your stash busting is gong well. Sometimes you have to buy a little to finish a little.

Lori said...

laughed at not doing any cutting etc when at quilt group. I know exactly what you mean, I sewed with a group on Saturday, I took along projects I couldn't screw up. I think hand sewing of binding is a good group project!