Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Stage

Well our shop is closed, everything moved out and the place all cleaned up.  Just waiting for a call from the landlord so we can meet her there one of these days for a walk through and to turn over the keys.

We have a fairly large house but trying to find room for fabric, notions and thread in addition to office supplies and many other items has been a challenge.  Right now things are basically put away but it is at the stage where every time I go to find something, something else falls out of a cabinet.  

Now I will slowly go through things a little at a time and see what I can get rid of.   Lots of paperwork has already hit the dump and the shredder.  

Here is what our living room looks like currently.

I guess every quilters dream is to have a house full of fabric right?  

One nice thing is that I have finally actually had a little time to sew.  I started work awhile back on a batik quilt for the master bedroom but have not got very far yet.  I love to make baby and lap quilts and working on a queen sized one feels like it is going to take forever.  


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