Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Shop

The quilt shop is having good days and bad days.  Hopefully will have more of the good and less than the bad once kids get back to school and people start thinking about all of the things they want to make for holiday presents.

This is one class I am going to be teaching, a simple fall or Christmas Fused Wreath.   Thought it would make a quick decoration for peoples houses.

I am learning a whole lot having never worked retail before.  The parts that amaze me are how far out you have to order fabric, I currently have some on order that will not deliver until December!!  I will always think having to get delivery of Halloween fabric in May or fall fabric in June just is just plain weird. 

The fabric companies for the most part are great to deal with but having some calling wanting to ship things before they were scheduled.  Guess they think people have unlimited monthly budgets and unlimited space.   I currently haveone collection and a few stray bolts stashed under the cutting table waiting for free space to put them in.  That is actually nice as it is giving me time to work on a new shop sample using a new line from Northcott called Fragrance.  Maybe by the time I get the quilt done we will have room for the fabrics.

Main focus other than the shop the next week is getting Mandy ready for college. She has been busy spending time with friends and the boyfriend before they all head off to college.  Think most everyone she knows is heading off this weekend or is already gone so next week each night we will have to be organizing all her things, seeing what last minute things are still needed and getting her packed. 

As an only child with an only child have never been through anything like this before and I am finding it very hard  The house will sure seem empty but at least she will be close enough to come home every few weeks for the weekend. 


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kwiltnkats said...

I'm sure when the weather gets cooler there will be more sewing too. It's been pretty hot there all summer! I'll bet it is odd not only do you need to start sewing the projects months earlier for gift you have to think of ordering the fabrics months ahead of that. Yes I'd say an adjustment in lots of things in your "world" are going on right now. Hope to see you soon. Sandi